Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Big Reason for Another Five Item Goal

Okay. So, in the past I have made myself small goals so I can allow myself to splurge on something nice. This usually means that I want to buy yarn or fabric and before I can justify the purchase I must finish off 5 items in my craft room first.

Well, the time has come for just such a goal. Something major. Something wonderful. Something bigger than just a trip to my LYS. Something terribly and extremely thrilling. And since your probably sitting there, rolling your eyes at the monitor and trying not to figure out what this monumental occasion in my life is, I will just go ahead and tell you.

A trip to New York City. And not just any trip, mind you. A girl trip. A yarn buying, girl trip. A kid-free, yarn buying, girl trip. Yes, that's right. My girlfriend and I are venturing to NYC by ourselves this next weekend for the sole purpose of petting, ogling and drooling all over yarn. My dear and loving husband gifted me with this weekend for enduring his 6 month deployment. What a great guy!

So, now you see why it becomes necessary for me to finish 5 more items in my craft/sewing room. I need to make room for all the yarn I will be bringing home with me from the CITY. I've been saving up for a couple of months now and I plan on bringing home the most delicious yarn a girl can find.

Ahh...the excitement is building. I might erupt before Saturday dawns. Can I make it til then without bubbling over? Can I tug my head out of the clouds and down to earth long enough to complete 5 projects? We shall see. We shall see.


Sarah said...

Anna! That is great!!!! It sounds like so much fun! You simply must take lots and lots of photos and post them for us to literally drool over! I love NYC! I've only been once though. Have a great time!!!! What a wonderful husband to do this for you!

LadySnow said...

Wish I could go!

Lindy said...

I went to the Lion Brand Yarn Studio this fall in NYC. I had so much fun. I hope you enjoy your trip.

Shannon said...

Have fun on your trip. Sounds so fun and exciting.

And since you're trying to finish projects, would you mind coming to my house and finishing some projects too? I don't "do" large projects, but in a moment of insanity I started an afghan and a crocheted dog bed at the same time.

Next time you get the urge to finish a project, come finish those for me.

Huh? Can't talk you into it? I didn't think so. LOL. Again, enjoy your trip. Can't wait to see what you bought.

Anna said...

Lindy, I believe the Lion Brand Yarn Studio is first on our list of stops. I am so excited I can hardly get anything around the house done. My brain won't stop twirling around up there.

Anna said...

Dear Shannon, I will come to your house and finish your afghan and dog bed if you come to my house and finish 20 items on my project list. :) Yea...I didn't think so either. Lol. Shucks. Guess we will just have to work on our own things.