Thursday, April 01, 2010

Butterfly Embellishments

I love embellishments. I don't understand why I constrain myself from embellishing more. Okay. Maybe I do understand and don't really want to go there. (Can you say...ummmm...lazy, perhaps?)

I took the time this past week to embellish an otherwise ho-hum dress to transform it into an enchanting flight of fanciful butterflies.



I have long admired those giant boutique bows for little girls that you can find all over Etsy like here, here and here. You can also find them on websites like this. Well, I finally broke down and purchased an e-book on how to make all these elaborate bows from Sweet Baby Boutique. I folded my ribbon according to the instructions but I left my tails long and used it behind my crocheted butterfly. What do you think? I felt proud of my first boutique hair bow embellishment.


I found the crochet pattern here for the giant thread butterfly. For the tiny butterflies at the shoulders I used this Dainty butterfly pattern.


I am working on something fun this week to show you. Think Ric-rack embellishments. Oh boy. I am having fun with this one (in between my knitting sessions, of course). And I also have something else kinda fun and random to show you later. I must fix a slight problem with it and embellish it first but I should have it ready this afternoon or tomorrow sometime.

Go do something fun that makes you laugh.

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Sarah said...

Ohh!!! Butterflies! Love, love, love them! The bow embellishments are lovely. Goodness, you are on a roll! I love stopping by here, I always see or find something inspiring, thoughtful or kind.