Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Motivational Project List

Sigh! What a week. What an abnormal week. I don't feel quite right and I don't know exactly what it is. I do feel a bit overwhelmed. Amazing how life can be so overwhelming sometimes, isn't it? All those little things pile up until you are buried over your head in trivial things that shouldn't matter much.

You remember that saying, "Don't sweat the small stuff?" Okay. So, raindrops are small, right? No problem. A raindrop can't knock down my house. But when you put a billion kajillion of those raindrops together, what do you get? A giant flood. And floods are big things, are they not?

Now I have this monumentally overwhelming feeling in regards to our possible overseas move coming who knows when. Or we could stay here. Its all up in the air at this point and that overwhelms me. I just want to know. James walloped me with the fact that he could deploy again as soon as June of this year for another six months. Overwhelming. I can't begin to wrap my head around that one so I don't even try. Oh...and he almost had to leave for a 6 week school this next Sunday but somehow managed to finagle his way out of that one. Yes, overwhelming. He will have to leave in May for the same school though. Not quite so bad but overwhelming, none the less. The verdict on the leaky roof is that we need a new the tune of...oh...say...4 grand! And it needs done now. Every time it rains, we get water draining into our bedroom.

I feel as though a flood gushed through my house. It doesn't help that I have started a few sewing/knitting/crocheting projects in the past couple of weeks and have not finished anything of consequence in the past few days. I am the kind of person who needs to see major progress or completion relatively quickly. The Razor Cami? Too small to fit around my shoulders so I frogged it and restarted. The Spiderweb skirt? Again, too small. I failed to measure my hips and instead plugged in my bust measurement for the waist. What was I thinking? Clearly, I was not. Frogged and not restarted yet.

So, to refocus my eyes away from the flood currently cascading through my life at this moment, I am writing myself a motivational project list here on my blog to help me through the rest of this week. I am very much a list person. Seeing a list and being able to cross of the next item on the list motivates me...just so long as that list is not a mile long and would take me 3 years. I need small, doable lists.

1. Knit - Watermelon Razor Cami
2. Knit - Baby Hat and Bootie set
3. Knit - Cabled Clutch
4. Sew - light, summery linen-esque skirt
5. Sew - Bunny dress for Chloe

That's enough. If I complete these items this week, I will feel much better about where my project list stands. The rest of the overwhelming things in my life? Well, those have been placed at the feet of Jesus where I will leave them for the Almighty and All-powerful God to handle. He is so much more capable than I. I wonder why I didn't leave them there before?


Brandie said...

Not knowing is always the hardest part for me - so even thinking about having to move, or not move, would drive me mad. I hope you get some projects finished though and that no more raindrops fall!

Ribbons Undone said...

Hi Anna, I found your blog while doing a Google search on crochet thread patterns. You seem like a "kindred spirit."

Presently, I am working on a white crochet thread shawl for my daughter's upcoming communion on Mother's Day and have been enjoying the process so much.

I hope you are feeling better. Nothing is worse than a stomach bug! Victoria

Lindy said...

I've been eyeing my first "wearable" crochet pattern. Any tips? I'm a little nervous! It says it's an easy top. I also want to make sweaters for my boys. I'll take whatever tips you can give. Enjoy your time as a family these next few weeks. We are in the ministry and I know a tiny bit about that feeling of the unknown. Peace to you as you wait.

Rachel said...

overseas! Exciting! It is awesome that you are homeschooling so you can be so flexible! Found you through the Homeschool lounge. Glad you are part of the homeschooling preschoolers group.

Anna said...

Thank you for stopping by Rachel. Its nice to meet other homeschooling mothers of preschoolers. We are excited about the possible move overseas, but its still up in the air yet and I would be a much saner mommy if I just knew. :)

Anna said...

Lindy, let me know if you have my email address and I can try to help you as much as possible. Once you jump over that bridge, a whole world opens up to you. Its not as complicated as it seems when you have yet to try it. What pattern have you been looking at?