Thursday, April 01, 2010

Razor Cami Started

The knitting of the Razor Cami in Tahki Stacy Charles Cotton Classic commenced yesterday afternoon after much deliberation between my angelic self and my evil twin. I longed to start a new project with some of my new yarn, but so many projects lay waiting in my sewing/craft room that I could not bear to give in to such madness. Sheer madness, right? (Please nod your head.) It would not be right. Absolutely not. There is no way on earth I could begin a new project with my new yarn while all those old projects sit there gathering dust. So, I started a project with leftover yarn from Chloe's Elenka dress. HA! I felt much better with this decision. I completely understand the fact that it is, indeed, a new project, but I rationalized this decision by telling myself I needed to get this "leftover yarn" out of my stash immediately to make room for the new yarn I purchased in NYC.

The good news is this cami knits up super-de-duperly quick. Check out how much work I've finished since yesterday afternoon. (And YES! I've cleaned my house, fed my child AND did our schooling for the day, okay? Sheesh!)


My fingers are beginning to ache and the carpel tunnel in my wrists is beginning to act up, so I shall put my cami down for an hour or two and get some of those projects upstairs completed. See? I can be a good girl when I want to be.


Lisa said...

Hi Anna,
Fast knit,'re just a fast knitter, sister! Amazing! Beautiful work! I think my problem is staying focused. I'll knit two rows, then get up...get some coffee...knit another row...put it in my lap and chat with one of my kids, yadda, yadda, yadda. An hour goes by and I did like 4 rows. (((SIGH))) Oh, well! I still love knitting deeply!

Anna said...

Hi Lisa, Thanks. I don't feel like I am a very fast knitter. I understand that I am fast at crocheting, but I am fairly new to knitting. I've dabbled in it for 5 years now. I haven't devoted a ton of time to it until this past year. I wonder sometimes if I should do a speed test or something. :)