Thursday, May 27, 2010

That Funky Place Again

Yes, indeed. Somehow, someway, I have managed to find that funky place once again to settle myself down deep into. The dreadful place where nothing seems to make me happy and I can't find anything to do. Bored? No. Not boredom. I learned quickly as a child that saying, "I'm bored" immediately got me outside picking potato bugs off the potato plants or pulling dandelions from the grass. Thus, I am never bored.

Funky? Yes. I claim a funk without the boredom. Its entirely possibly. Trust me. My watermelon razor cami? About two hours from completion. Do I want to sit and finish it? No. I don't know why, but I just don't want to. I started a new crocheted skirt instead. But as fate would have it, I don't want to work on that either. And I don't feel like sewing on the linen skirt I have cut out either. I have tried to make cards this week. Nothing doing. It took me four hours yesterday to churn out two mediocre cards. It would appear to most that I have lost my creative spirit.

Or have I?

You see...I lean slightly towards the notion that I am becoming more of a "Family Woman". I have prayed for God to turn my heart toward my husband, his needs and my daughter and her needs. Maybe that is beginning to occur. Maybe I would rather a rousing game of Candyland or Cooties over a crocheted skirt. Maybe a round or two of frisbee golf with my family means more to me than a knitted camisole.

Who knows? All I know is that I am baking again for the first time in months. Cookies, cakes, breads and the like. I am also cooking more meals, eating out less and enjoying it immensely. I have a batch of granola in the oven as we speak. So, it can't entirely be classified as a total funk. Maybe just a partial funk. Or a creative funk. I don't know. But its okay. I am okay. I will find those creative juices somewhere down inside me eventually. Until then, I will enjoy this cooking mood to the fullest while it here to visit. And maybe, just maybe, I will take some pictures of things soon to show you all. (I am also in the middle of a photography funk. Go figure.) Hopefully though, this post will be the end of my blogging funk.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Mary

The hug Mary enveloped me in when I first saw her was enough. That, alone, was worth the 8 hour drive in the pouring rain. We both cried and hugged and cried some more and hugged again. I lost count. Finally, I realized that a little girl was standing next to me, wanting a hug for herself.


Amazing! The minute I turned to Chloe and said, "Chloe, this is Miss Mary", she flew to her and hugged her, smooshing her face into Miss Mary's skirt. I have never seen anything like it before. it usually takes her a good 30 minutes to warm up to someone. But not Mary. Its like she somehow knew that Mary is special. (Of course, I have told her that Mary is special, but still...I've never seen her do this before.)


You have no idea how good it is for me to see my dearest friend. And its not even over yet. I get her this afternoon and evening too! It is now time for school. I will chat at you again later tonight or tomorrow. I leave you with a picture of Chloe doing her schoolwork in the hotel room yesterday.


Monday, May 17, 2010

North Carolina in the Rain

We arrived this afternoon to Charlotte, North Carolina safe and sound. A little bit wet, a great deal tired, but safe none-the-less.


Upon arriving, Chloe announced to her father that "long car rides aren't very fun." I happen to agree. Especially in the pouring rain. There were a couple of times I thought I would careen off the road. I saw quite a few cars along the way that DID careen off the road. I could only pray and hang on to the steering wheel for dear life.

But we finally pulled into "the store with the Number H on it" and Chloe immediately said, "This is IT! This is the right place! We made it!" (What a trooper.) She then proceeded to jump into the pillows on the bed to snuggle once we checked in and made it to our room. (the brown pillow happens to be my own brought from of the advantages to driving, I guess.)


We put on our bathing suits and headed downstairs to the freezing cold indoor pool for a quick 15 minute swim. It was too cold to do much more.


Anyways, you are never going to guess what we have across the street.

Sonic, baby! Yes, that's right. Chloe and I walked across the street for Sonic tonight. Can you believe that we don't have one in our city? I believe there is a law against that somewhere, if only I could find it and show the city officials. What's worse...they show ads for Sonic on our television. Talk about cruel.

So, I was pretty excited to see it across the street from our "store with the Number H on it".




We found the phones in the indoor dining area pretty cool. We laughed together after I placed our orders over the phone.

Well now, we are two very tired girls with an exciting day ahead of us. Tomorrow we shall see Mary! I can hardly wait. It is time for us to jump in bed for a little cuddle and then an early lights out. I hope to check in with you all tomorrow. Have a great night.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Girl Trip Coming Very Soon

I am so excited I can barely contain it any longer. I just have to shout this out because I need to tell someone before I start bouncing off the ceiling.


Okay. Why is this so exciting? Let me explain. Mary was my best friend in both middle and high school. She was the dearest and sweetest friend a person could ever have or even hope to have. If you don't know Mary, then you are truly missing out on the best friendship attainable. Mary became a missionary with SIM to Nigeria, Africa. I have not seen Mary since shortly after highschool graduation...oh...say...13 years ago? It's been a very long time.

Mary is coming home for furlough next week from Africa and guess where she is coming to? 8 hours away from me. Do you think 8 hours is too far? Not I! And you all know me and my "love" of driving, don't you? (Seriously, hate would be a better fit when it comes to me and driving.) But Mary is worth the 8 hour drive. I would drive it to spend 2 hours with her. Literally.

But get this. I get two days with Mary! Not full days, but full afternoon and evenings, two days in a row. I am ecstatic! I am thoroughly and completely elated. So excited that I felt compelled to tell someone. And not just one someone but the whole cyber-blogging world. Yes indeedy. Monday is the big day for Chloe and I. We will trek for 8 hours to spend the night in "the store with the number H on it" so we can see Mary on Tuesday. Woooo Hoooo!!!

Mama's New Toy

Even Mama's deserve toys every now and again. I dragged Chloe to a card-making workshop yesterday. maybe dragged would not be the most appropriate term here. There is a room in this house which contains a collection of every Elmo doll/toy imaginable. So, Chloe gets a little excited when I announce its "card making day at Miss S's house". Yes, she knows exactly where we are going.

Anyways, Chloe dragged me to a card-making class yesterday and she acted so beautifully the entire time. I am sometimes amazed that I can take my daughter places like that and she is such an angel for that length of time. I decided to reward her by taking her to the toy store and letting her pick out a rubber bouncy ball.

Then, I got to thinking. Do Mama's get rewards for being good? Ever? Okay. So I understand that Mother's Day was just this past Sunday and I got my "yearly reward". But seriously. That only occurs once a year. Chloe receives awards more often than once a year. Does that seem fair to you? I think not. I needed to remedy that yesterday. So, Chloe got her new ball and I got this...


That, my friends, is a Cuttlebug. I have been eying it for some time. Researching on the internet. Ogling cards on splitcoaststampers. Drooling on the keyboard. You know the drill. Yesterday, I found this on sale at Joann's. (I won't tell you that I went to Joann's with the intent purpose of purchasing this, regardless of whether it was on sale or not. That would be entirely pointless.) And hey! You simply cannot purchase a Cuttlebug and not purchase a few folders to use with it.


Now I know that many of you might be asking yourselves, "Cuttlebug? Folders? Toy? What on earth is this lady talking about?." (If you didn't ask it out loud, I KNOW you thought it in your head.) Instead of trying to explain what the Cuttlebug does, why don't I just show you...


That, dear readers, was a flat piece of plain cardstock before I inserted it into the Cuttlebug. It came out the other side looking (and feeling) like that. Amazing, right? Oh my goodness, you should have heard me squeal when it came out and it actually worked. It felt too easy. The process was too simply. It didn't make noise. The crank handle turned effortlessly. BUT IT WORKED! Okay. I just HAD to try it again. This time I used the die cut first, then sent the cut image through a second time to emboss it.


Ohh ho ho ho. I am officially in love. James on the other hand? Not so much. He grabbed one of the folders and a piece of paper, stuffed it into the folder and proclaimed, "I could emboss this with my hands. I don't need some fancy machine." So, we tested his hands against the machine, side by side.


Nope. Sorry James. My Cuttlebug won. To which he replied, "But I bet you could use your rolling pin." I wonder why he didn't want to test it though? Interesting. I have a slight suspicion that he knew he couldn't beat the Cuttlebug, even with a rolling pin.

I just have to say, its going to be awfully hard concentrating on school work today. Especially with my new toy sitting on the kitchen table staring at me.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pushing Through the One Inch Blockade

Is it just me? Or does the last little bit of a project seem to take undue amounts of time to finish. The last inch that drags on forever. You know what I'm talking about. You measure. You see you have one inch left. You knit/crochet for another 20 minutes. You measure again. Still one inch. You work for another 2 hours. Yet again, when you measure, you still have one inch remaining. The cycle never ends.

This is the point I sit at on my Watermelon Razor Cami project. Okay. So it doesn't help that instead of knitting on it all day yesterday like I planned, I got caught up in homeschooling excitement (shopping for home school curriculum, yet again). So what? I still should be done with this project. Its been sitting at one inch for the past week. And YES! I HAVE been knitting on it. A couple rows here, a few rows there. Will it ever end?

Today I am pushing through the blockade. Today I shall finish the cami! I will knit 6 more rows and if I can't get that last inch, so be it. I will separate for the arm holes and call it good. I WILL FINISH TODAY! (because I have some other yummy projects to finish/start)

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lovely Times

Good morning and Greetings to all my fabulous friends out there. What a whirlwind my life has become. What a complete whirlwind, I tell you. I am looking forward to a relaxing day today with a good cup of tea and my knitting.


I just want to make mention of how lovely it is to have my husband home. I love this man more than anything. I enjoy his company. I love laughing with him. I love sitting next to him to watch a baseball game. I love holding his hand. I love our morning ritual of sipping coffee and reading God's Word together in our snuggies.


We are two completely opposite people who managed to fall in love with each other. A union of two souls. I would never be complete without this man. Thank you Jesus for this wonderful blessing.

Last week, I watched a sneak preview of Chloe's upcoming ballet recital. What a darling in her tutu.



Oh, how she giggled when it came time for the little duckling to shake the water off her tail.

This past weekend we ventured back up to New York City for a family bbq. Sunday, James took me to the city for Mother's Day. We contemplated visiting Mary Poppins on Broadway, but I decided I would rather a new purse or two from Chinatown. So, after a breakfast of donuts and coffee we hit the streets for some serious shopping.


I not only found a couple of cute purses...


...but also ran across these adorable, matching t-shirts for Chloe and I. I couldn't very well pass up matching pink t-shirts on Mother's Day, could I?


And now I must be off. Its time for school, another load of laundry and then FREEDOM! A full day of knitting and tea. I need it. I really do. I soooo need this day of relaxation with no agenda. I'll chat at you again soon. I have some fabulous pictures of BBQ fun to show you all.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

East Coast Wedding

I attended my first East Coast Wedding this weekend. Wow! That's all I have to say about it. Wow! East coast weddings are certainly quite different from our west coast weddings, that's for sure. When they say East Coast weddings are formal, they mean formal. When James and I walked into the church and made our way up the aisle, I began thinking we entered the wrong church and had stumbled upon a funeral. Everyone was wearing black. Black, black, and more black. Wow!

But we were in the right place and the wedding ceremony progressed beautifully. I don't think I've ever been to a wedding quite like this one. I am afraid that I forgot the camera in the car so I don't have pictures to show you but it was beautiful and very traditional. It was also the longest wedding ceremony I've ever been to. I believe James and my wedding maxed out at about 15 minutes. Short and sweet. This one was easily over an hour. Chloe was a little disappointed as she had believed it was herself that was getting married. I wouldn't allow her to walk up the aisle which is all it takes to get married, or so it would seem to her. Poor dear. She will have to wait a couple years yet for her wedding. She did say "Aaaaahhhhh" when the groom kissed the bride though. So cute.

In other news, James brother Warren and his family came out last week for the wedding and stayed at our place a couple of days. We took them around to see some sights and spent Sunday down at the boat club in NYC. Here are some pictures.


That's my girl!


Chloe and her cousin Lexi riding on the subway.



Here we are at the Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos. What a fun place for the kids. Expensive, but fun.


James and Warren with the guys down at the boat club. They spent their summers playing here at the boat club where their father was a member. James walks down memory lane every time we visit.


Chloe and Uncle Mickey. She is convinced that one of these times the other Mickey will show up. She wants to know when we are going to see the "other Mickey" (Mickey Mouse). She loves Uncle Mickey anyways, even though he isn't a mouse.

Well, I must be off. Time for coffee, school and a dentist appointment later this morning. Have a fabulous day.