Friday, May 14, 2010

Girl Trip Coming Very Soon

I am so excited I can barely contain it any longer. I just have to shout this out because I need to tell someone before I start bouncing off the ceiling.


Okay. Why is this so exciting? Let me explain. Mary was my best friend in both middle and high school. She was the dearest and sweetest friend a person could ever have or even hope to have. If you don't know Mary, then you are truly missing out on the best friendship attainable. Mary became a missionary with SIM to Nigeria, Africa. I have not seen Mary since shortly after highschool graduation...oh...say...13 years ago? It's been a very long time.

Mary is coming home for furlough next week from Africa and guess where she is coming to? 8 hours away from me. Do you think 8 hours is too far? Not I! And you all know me and my "love" of driving, don't you? (Seriously, hate would be a better fit when it comes to me and driving.) But Mary is worth the 8 hour drive. I would drive it to spend 2 hours with her. Literally.

But get this. I get two days with Mary! Not full days, but full afternoon and evenings, two days in a row. I am ecstatic! I am thoroughly and completely elated. So excited that I felt compelled to tell someone. And not just one someone but the whole cyber-blogging world. Yes indeedy. Monday is the big day for Chloe and I. We will trek for 8 hours to spend the night in "the store with the number H on it" so we can see Mary on Tuesday. Woooo Hoooo!!!


LadySnow said...

I am so happy for you!

Nancy said...

I cried when I read that, Anna. Thank you for loving my daughter.