Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pushing Through the One Inch Blockade

Is it just me? Or does the last little bit of a project seem to take undue amounts of time to finish. The last inch that drags on forever. You know what I'm talking about. You measure. You see you have one inch left. You knit/crochet for another 20 minutes. You measure again. Still one inch. You work for another 2 hours. Yet again, when you measure, you still have one inch remaining. The cycle never ends.

This is the point I sit at on my Watermelon Razor Cami project. Okay. So it doesn't help that instead of knitting on it all day yesterday like I planned, I got caught up in homeschooling excitement (shopping for home school curriculum, yet again). So what? I still should be done with this project. Its been sitting at one inch for the past week. And YES! I HAVE been knitting on it. A couple rows here, a few rows there. Will it ever end?

Today I am pushing through the blockade. Today I shall finish the cami! I will knit 6 more rows and if I can't get that last inch, so be it. I will separate for the arm holes and call it good. I WILL FINISH TODAY! (because I have some other yummy projects to finish/start)

Wish me luck!

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