Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Growing Up!

I love silly bands. I know its a fad that will soon pass. I also realize I detest fads with a passion. But this is one fad I can't very well pass by without taking some bit of notice.

What's a silly band? Its simply a rubber bracelet that comes in a myriad of shapes and colors which can be stretched, twisted and yanked to your hearts content only to revert back to its previous form time and time again. Clever, no? I would say so.

And the best part is, this fad comes cheap. Do you think I could find something useful to do with these? You can bet your bottom dollar I could. Can you say incentive awards???

Ah yes. Perfect.

So, today after dinner, I headed upstairs to lay down for a few minutes. I suffered a headache today and I needed a few minutes down time. The rest of my family finished up their meal and met me on my bed upstairs. A bit later I walked downstairs to begin washing the dishes. Do you know what greeted me on my kitchen table?


That's right. My daughter cleared her dishes off the table without my reminder. I grabbed a pink, glittery, bunny-shaped silly band and set out to find my little girl. I asked her if Daddy told her put her dishes on the counter. Her eyes widened in fear as she thought she was getting in trouble. (Am I evil, or what?) "No! He didn't tell me to do that." Daddy confirmed that no, he indeed did not remind her. Again, her head turned to me with a look of fear in her eyes. I looked her dead in the eyes for a few seconds and then said, "Chloe! You put your dishes on the counter without a reminder. Wow! Good for you." And I handed her the silly band.

This is one fad I will be implementing around my house for as long as it holds its value.

Daddy smiled and asked Chloe, "Do you know what this means, Chloe?"

"No. What?"

Daddy replied, "It means you are growing up, Chloe. You are becoming a big girl."

I couldn't agree more. As parents, we measure our child's height. We track their babyhood accomplishments. We celebrate their birthdays with gumption. We scrapbook their first haircut, their first lost tooth and their first day of school. But the big milestones are often the ones that go unnoticed. The milestones which mean our children are truly "growing up." I think these milestones are worth at least a silly band, don't you?

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