Thursday, June 03, 2010

Rebellious By Nature

Why am I so rebellious? I have no idea. Can someone please explain this to me?

I set out today on a mission. Returning unwanted items to stores. Uggg. One of the top 10 worst chores I hate. Anyways, I set out with that mission in mind and began the tiring work of trudging to this store and that, facing those clerks to ask for my money back.

Upon entering one store and relinquishing the receipt for some shoes I didn't need, the lady asked me for my phone number. I willingly spouted off the numbers to her and a few seconds later she handed a slip to me and told me, "You have to fill in all the lines between here and here." (Emphasis hers, not mine.)

Okay. Rebellion set in. I knew in my heart that I must fill in the form if I wanted my blessed $20 back in my pocket. There was simply no way around that. But could I possibly scribble my information illegibly? Hmmm. I couldn't be quite that rebellious, could I? No. The clerk controlled the money which I desperately wanted in my grimy paws.

You must understand one thing about me. The moment I hear the words, "You have to" my heart comes to a screeching halt and I think to myself, "Oh yea??? Watch me not."

Why is that? Why do I do this? Sometimes I just don't understand myself

So,I wrote my name, legibly. (Aren't you proud?) I even wrote my entire address including the zip code. (All of it.) But right before I signed my name to that slip of paper to release the money, I skipped right on past the phone number line, leaving it completely blank.

Ha! I showed her!

So, now I feel a tinge of I should go back into the store and ask for my slip of paper back so I can sign my phone number to it. But really...what good would it do? Oh why oh why am I like this? Why can't I just be a nice, sweet quiet girl who gets along with everyone and does what she is supposed to. Please, can't someone tell me what is wrong with me?


Sarah said...

Haha! There is nothing wrong with you, in fact, when I hear those same words..."You have too..." I immediately feel one eyebrow arch in a "Do what?" moment. I so dislike returning things too. It's ok, I wouldn't worry over much about leaving it blank. Hope you have a great weekend!

Anna said...

Whew! That makes me so feel so much better Sarah. I am glad I am not the only one. :) Hope you have a great weekend as well.