Thursday, June 17, 2010

Staying Put

At least for the next year. Shooosh! What a relief to know where I will be living for the upcoming year. I can make some plans. I will be able to can food. I can plant a garden (although its a little late for that this year).

You have no idea how difficult its been living in limbo for the past year. The up and down emotional roller coaster of thinking we were moving and then having them say we are not...then having them say we are...and then having them say we are not. Its done! For a year. I am staying in my house for a year...possibly more.

James still wants to move. He longs for that overseas assignment. Me? I just want to be with my family. So, I believe he is still going to push for orders for next summer. That's okay. Really. I am fine with that. But for now I am going to live it up where I am at. Bloom where I'm planted or something like that. And the good thing is...I like it here.

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LadySnow said... least you know where you will be for a while longer. :-)