Thursday, July 01, 2010

Camping Weekend

I am thrilled to announce that the family and I will be camping this weekend. Yay! Our first trip of the year. I hope we will have many more this summer...or at least two more because that's the amount I have planned.

This trip was sort of spur of the moment today but sort of not. You see...about a week ago I began asking if we could go camping this weekend, forgetting that it was the fourth of July weekend and everything would be booked up.

Well, lo and behold, I found a place on the water that had a few sites still available and just as I was about to book them, James called to inform me that we have been invited over to a co-workers house for a party on the fourth. Yippee!(did you hear that hint of sarcasm?) I didn't want to give up my four day weekend camping trip to go to someone's house who I do not know for a couple of hours. James made his final decision and it did not include camping.

Today I came up with the most brilliant idea, the day before the non-existent camping trip was to be. Why don't we just go camping for two nights instead of three? We still pay for the three nights but that doesn't mean the entire weekend has to be spent sitting around on the couch doing nothing. Oh no. We can still go and thoroughly enjoy our two nights out in the woods.

And go we will. Tomorrow! I am so excited. I have the tiki torches, the two cans of OFF!, the giant citronella candle, the bug coils, the mosquito lantern and the S'Mores supplies. What more does a girl need? (Note: The tiki torches, bug spray, candle, coils and lantern are for James while the S'Mores are for me. Just thought I would point out that all important fact. We each have our own priorities.)

I must take my camera and get a few pictures to show you all. This is gonna be one crazily busy weekend, but oh...its gonna be so much fun! I'll chat at you all Monday! Have a glorious weekend and a very merry Independence Day. I am off to take inventory of the camping supply tote stored in the shed.