Thursday, July 08, 2010

Her Mother' Hope Book Review

While camping this past weekend (more on that in my next post), I read Her Mother's Hope by Francine Rivers. Oh my goodness. What a fantastic book. Its rather large, but I managed to finish it in three days. That's how good it was. Francine Rivers is one of the most talented authors of our time. I can honestly say that. I read her books and wish they would never end. Most books I just have to get to the end to see what happens and then I am done and move on to another book. Not so with her books. I sit there wishing there were more.

This book spoke deeply to my heart. Not only was it a fantastic read, but it challenged me in multiple ways. I want to be a better housewife. I want to be a better mother. I want to work on my relationship my own mother. Through this book I was able to see glimpses of my own life and my own shortcomings.

Another thing brought back into existence by this book is my dream of owning a hobby farm. I thought I had put that dream to rest a few months back but it has resurfaced once again. Oh, I just want chickens and a cow and some rabbits and maybe some goats. I dream of owning fruit trees from which I can put up fruit for winter. I dream of a large vegetable garden and large trees that shade my porch and a creek hidden in the woods out back that my family can fish in.

Funny thing is...I told myself as this dream bubbled back up this week, "Now Anna, you put that dream to rest. Leave it there." But it just doesn't seem to want to leave. And then yesterday I received a notice from Mary Jane for a subscription to her wonderful magazine MaryJanes Farm. Oh no. Here we go again.

Maybe its okay to dream. Marta in the book above dreamed. She didn't get to spend her life living her dream, and she learned how to be content with the life God gave her, but she still held onto her dream. Maybe I can do that too. I need to be content with the life God has given me, the amount of children I have, the particular husband I have been blessed to serve...but I can dream about a farm sometimes. As long as that dream doesn't make me discontent with what I have been given.

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Tricia said...

Anna, I have that same dream! I'm not sure if I'll ever get it or not, but maybe someday. I do have the chickens, but so far,that's all. Thank you for your post reminding me that it's okay as long as I am still content with what God has given me - not to always want something else. This is a hard lesson to learn!