Thursday, August 05, 2010

4 Books Done

Sometimes I impress myself. Not to boast or brag or anything like that. Not at all. But just sometimes, I doubt myself. I don't think I can really do what I set out to do. I doubt my resolve. I doubt my abilities. I doubt...well...I doubt everything. When I find myself accomplishing that which I set out to accomplish, yet doubting I would succeed, I astonish myself.

So, when I set my Summer 2010 Book Reading Challenge at the number 20...let's just say the doubts looked like dark thunderstorm clouds, complete with lightening effects. What on earth was I thinking? 20 books.

Unplugging last week (and maintaining a semi-state of remaining unplugged this week) encouraged me to pick up a few books and read them. What a fantastic notion. Really. It's been wonderful. Relaxing. I forgot just how much I enjoy the pleasure of reading. Now I don't even want to turn on the television any more. I find myself wanting to pick up a book instead.

Last week I read 4 books. The first one "A Gift of Grace" by Amy Clipston was a nice read. I am tiring of all the Amish books I read though. They are all beginning to sound the same. This story was interesting in that the main character became the legal guardian of her non-Amish nieces whom she had never met. I felt, while reading this book, that it was indeed just another Amish book like the ones I read by Wanda Brunstetter and Beverly Lewis.

I read "The Master Quilter" by Jennifer Chiaverini next. I am really enjoying this series of books. I don't know if it's because of my interest in quilting (and the fact that I have yet to finish my first hand-quilted queen-size quilt) or if its because I have found a good read that is not Amish. I don't know. I just enjoy reading these books. The author takes you through the story from each friend's perspective. You see all the different angles that each friend has during a certain time. I like that.

Next, I read "Broken Wings" by Terri Blackstock. Again, I felt adventurous reading this book outside of my "norm". This story tells of a female commercial pilot who loses her best friend in a plane accident and how she falls in love with the man who investigates the crash. I loved learning about a different subject than the topics I normally read about. I don't know the first thing about piloting and airplanes, aside from the fact that I fly in them to visit family. I enjoyed seeing it from a different perspective.

The last book I finished was "The Cat Who Talked Turkey" by Lilian Jackson Braun. Whenever I feel the need for a light, fun read I pick up a Cat Who book. I love them. I love the wit in these books. And I love cats. What more could a person want?

I am now reading a couple of adoption books to help in our journey. I am learning quite a bit about myself in this process as well. I will share more when I finish the books. I also have a couple of novels I picked up from the library yesterday that I would like to read in the next couple of weeks too. So, hopefully, I can achieve my goal of 20 books by the end of August.

What are you all reading this summer? Got any good recommendations for me?

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