Monday, August 30, 2010

An Anniversary Getaway

We are going away! It's our 12 year anniversary next month and we want to go away. We have not spent an anniversary together for 3 years and so we feel the need to get away. But where to go? We've narrowed it down to West Virginia or Cape Cod Massachusetts.

My favorite place so far would be this cute A-Frame Appalachian cabin out in the boonies, complete with hot tub! I have a sneaking suspicion this is where we will be headed.


But then I see this cabin and it looks like it could be fun, although not quite as secluded and without a hot tub.


A bed and breakfast might be a nice option. It is extremely hard to find a child friendly bed and breakfast though. Apparently, some would consider children un-conducive to romance. Hmmm....


What a beautiful house. But again, no hot tub and not as secluded as I might want.


Oh goodness gracious. What's a girl to do? I have more options I am looking at as well, but these always seem to pop up at the top of the list. Now I just need to choose. Ack! I will let you know the decision later this week.


Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary! and congratulations on winning the Handmade Dress giveaway too! (I saw your blog listed there as a winner)

Shannon said...

I'm surprised about the bed and breakfast no kids thing. My brother and I were allowed in one when my family was on vacation when he was a teen and I was probably 7 years old or so. After staying in one, we didn't really like it. Then again, you had to rent the furniture in the room you wanted to use and always had to make sure you weren't sitting on the wrong chair or bed or whatever. It was like staying at a house you didn't know but tip toeing around to make sure you didn't offend your host. I've since been told that not all bed and breakfast places are like that, but just on that experience, I wouldn't go to another one.

If it was me, I'd rent one of those cabins. At least you'd be on your own, don't have to worry so much with a schedule for meals and such, and best of all you'd have privacy.

Happy early anniversary! I'm sure wherever you decide, you'll have a great time.

Anna said...

Oh my goodness! Thanks Sarah! I can't believe I won!!! How exciting!

Thank you Shannon. We've stayed in B&B's before and have always loved them. There are some that allow children, but the really "good" ones that I would like to stay in do not. They are sort of a "get away from your children" type place and a lot of them have antiques and fine china sitting around the rooms. Not every child is as calm and gentle as my little one so I can see why they wouldn't want children in these places. A lot of times, people go for their wedding trip or an anniversary and they probably don't want to see a peanut butter covered face staring at them across the breakfast table in the morning.

We have never been to a B&B that charged you to use each piece of furniture though. Most places we have been in were very charming and showed wonderful hospitality.

I am thinking for our trip though...I just might enjoy something a little more secluded...away from other people. We shall see what James picks though. ;)

Lea said...

Hot tub..absolutely!

Have a wonderful anniversary!

Anna said...

Yup. You know it Lea. That's all I've been thinking about today. I wonder how I can sell the hubby on it...

Crochetingangel said...

I hope y'all were able to figure out what to do, We have been to Bed and breakfast as well but we frequented just one in Lancaster, Pa until the owner's wife got cancer and they sold it. We loved it. They were a wonderful couple. I myself think I would choose the hot tub :) We haven't been on vacation for our anniversary for a few years either, because of financial issues we just go camping out at daddy's with the family, the kids and all of us have loads of fun. Now just found out we won't be going anywhere next year either because we have another little one on the way and will b due in May :)