Monday, August 09, 2010

Cookies, Cats and Knitting

What could be better? Saturday, James and I spent the entire day working down an extensive to-do list around the house. It amazes me how quickly things pile up when we fail to stay on top of them. If it weren't so depressing, I would find it intriguing.

I mowed, weed-whacked, weeded the garden and worked on some little things around the house. I fell into bed Saturday night, completely and thoroughly exhausted. After church Sunday, I felt the insatiable need for something baked. I tried Roasted Garlic and Cheese bread but kneaded the bread for much too long and ended up with a hard chunk of roasted garlic and cheese. It was horrible. I will attempt it again another day and knead the bread by hand.

After such a baking catastrophe I required chocolate.


With the smell of freshly baked Chocolate Crinkles in the air and a purring cat by my side, I picked up my knitting needles and finished Square number 16 of my sampler afghan. I always feel content when I knit next to a purring cat. Especially with chocolate cookies sitting in close proximity.


Ahhhh. If only you could have been a fly on the wall in our house yesterday. I sang and danced around my husband in the kitchen after completing that square. The end is in sight. I can see it! The light at the end of the tunnel. It's almost here. Do you know how exciting this is? If you have ever worked on a HUGE project and thought you would never finish, then you understand the excitement of seeing the end near. Four squares left until its finished. I can hardly contain the excitement. (Note: dear James ignored my animated hullabaloo, for the most part. Poor, dear James. What he puts up with.)


Sarah said...

You are progressing beautifully on that afghan! I must admit, I am excited to see what it will look like when you finish. It's like Christmas, opening 1 gift at a time, (each square) Your knitting is beautiful. Oh yes, and chocolate, I'm having some now, so I completely understand the need to have chocolate, mine is a venti white mocha from SB this morning, lol. Have a great day friend!

Anna said...

Thank you Sarah. I am really enjoying it now that I am getting so close to being finished. A venti white chocolate mocha from SB certainly would help the speed of the knitting though, I am sure. Dear James brought home a McDonald's milkshake for me on Saturday though to congratulate me on working so hard outside. I appreciated it just as much a SB...if not more. (it was rather hot that day)