Wednesday, August 04, 2010

My Daughter's Gift

Every day (or almost every day) my daughter tenderly wraps me a gift using the hand towel that hangs from our oven door. Normally, we use this hand towel to wipe our wet hands on after washing them. When dry, it also makes a fabulous gift wrap.

I always know what my "gift" is which is so generously given me. How do I know? Intuition? Mother's ESP? I don't know. Call it what you will, but the gift is always the same. The purpose of the gift is also clear.

Ever so sweetly, "Mama. I have a present for you".

I open my gift amidst exclamations of surprise and giggles.

"A book!"

"I gave you this so you could read it to me."

What mother can deny a child this simple request when put together in such a fashion? This mother cannot, I assure you. Yesterday I picked out Chloe's favorite library book (we are on our third borrowing with this book) and gingerly wrapped it in the multi-purposed, green kitchen towel and set it on my bed. Let's just say that I received an extra dose of sweet cuddles while reading this story. What a special time this is with my daughter. I love every day I have with her.

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