Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sample of the Sampler

I laid out my knitted squares in correct order this morning to see how I would like the checkerboard effect of the tan and blue colors. I was doubting my original choices made 5 years ago.



Now I look at it and know its going to be a stunning afghan. All that hard work will pay off in a day or two when I can say she is completely DONE! I am even okay with the color choices. Almost there! Almost there!

I mentioned yesterday, in my last post, that we were going to try something new for dinner last night that has never been attempted in this house before. If you would like to see our special dinner, please stop by our home school blog and read all about it.


Sarah said...

That's going to be absolutely gorgeous!

Anna said...

Thank you Sarah. I sure hope so. It sure has been a doozy of a project. I am going to need some majorly quick projects to work on now to make up for it. I need me some instant gratification!

Lindy said...

Flowers and working on a doesn't get much better than that! The afghan looks wonderful.

The castle is at Wartburg Seminary in Dubuque, IA. It is where my husband had classes during his time there. It is modeled after the castle where Luther translated the bible into German (I think...). Anyway, it is a magical place!

Anna said...

Ohhhh...I wanna go there!!! I wonder if I could talk James into a field trip to Iowa......