Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Profuse Apologies

I am sorry. Really, really sorry. I must apologize to you all for my amazing disappearing act. I know I was supposed to have giveaways for the month of September, but time just whisked on by me without even my acknowledgment. (I wish life would ask my permission sometimes...because, quite frankly, there are times when, if asked, I would rather slow down a bit and spend more time on certain activities. But, as you probably can imagine, time doesn't ask my opinion.)

So, I start this post apologizing to you all who have been waiting so anxiously for an update. I promise to post this week and show you what we have been up to for the past month and a half. But for now, I will briefly share some of the bigger updates that might be of interest to you.

1. We joined a Homeschool support group in our area that keeps us jumping. The fault of my disappearance falls primarily onto this support group. We have so many field fun name it, this group has it.

2. I joined a book club. Yes, I did! And I read a new book too. A totally new genre to me. I loved it. "Same Kind of Different as Me".

3. We celebrated James 31st birthday in September. More on the cake I made him in another post though. (gotta get the pictures for you)

4. James and I celebrated 12 years of marriage in September by traveling to a cabin and spending 5 glorious days together as a family. More on that in another post too.

5. I am contemplating taking down my website. Whew! I said it. That took a lot to get out. James and I are talking about it. It's still a "maybe" kind of thought. Nothing set in stone yet.

6. I started a knit skirt for myself with some of my NYC yarn. Its coming along nicely too. I'll have to show you soon.

7. I have unpacked my scrapbooking supplies this week and have completed a few pages in my scrapbook. Unfortunately, I am unable to show you. More on that in update number 8. (see below)

8. My camera died. Died to rise no more. I will be unable to take pictures until I get my hands on a new one, which I hope is soon.

Well, I better run along for now. I have a to-do list a mile long and a splitting headache I need to nurse. I promise to update with pictures this week. The birthday cake was awesome and you simply MUST see the cabin we stayed in for our anniversary. I will chat at you all later.


LadySnow said...

I was beginning to wonder about you. ;-)

mbdoyle4 said...

It is so good to see you back Anna--I have missed you, and mussed hearing all about the things that you and James and Chloe have been up to.

I can see you have been REALLY busy.

P. C. Martin said...

Welcome back! Don't take down your blog, pleeease...

Sarita Boyette said...

I was really worried about you! Glad you are OK. God bless.

Nancy said...

So glad to hear from you -- I was getting worried about you!

Cozy Home Scenes said...

I've been reading your blog for a few years now and was sad thinking you had quit your blog.

Glad that you came back. Don't worry about the time away. Sometimes we all need a break for whatever reason. I'm sure everyone will be okay for you to blog without pictures if you have to.

TRose said...

I missed your updates! Glad you are back!! Sounds like your family has been very busy the last few months. That is exciting! You aren't letting the world pass you by. Hold on to each moment!