Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Rearranging the Home Schedule

For 12 years, I have always cleaned my home on Mondays. Growing up it was Saturday, per my mother's request (and routine). I like Mondays better. So, when I married James, I picked Monday as my house cleaning day.

This week I put into practice something new. Completely new and different. You see, homeschooling poses new dilemmas in a routine orientated person such as myself but also assists one in becoming creative in solving such dilemmas. I changed my "home blessing" routine. Instead of spending an hour or two cleaning on Mondays, I have now spread it out over the entire week. I also took other chores and spread them out so hopefully cleaning will take up less time in my day so I can play more.

Here is my new weekly home blessing routine...

Change Bed Sheets
Do Laundry
Sweep Floors
Mop Floors
Zone Clean 15 min.

Iron Clothes
Water Plants
Zone Clean 15 min

Take out Trash
Plan menu and list
Empty Fridge
Balance Accounts
Anti-Procrastination Day (do things on my list I have been putting off)
Zone clean 15 min.


Dust House
Wash Windows
Errand Day
Zone clean 15 min

Do Laundry
Clean Bathtub
File Papers
Write letters/notes
Clean out Car
Clean out Purse
Zone clean 15 min
Plan something romantic for husband


Garden 15 min.
Zone clean 15 min.
Prep Sunday School lesson
Family Fun Day

We will see how this new idea shapes up in the coming weeks. I have changed a few other things around as well which I will talk about in another post. I also need to show you some delightful and adorable hair bows I tried making recently. I may have a new addiction coming on. Giant hair bows. Also, I finished a Thanksgiving dress the same month I bought the fabric...and before the actual holiday too. I will have to photograph that as well and show you soon. Hopefully sooner rather than later. I will do my best.

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Lindy said...

I love spreading the cleaning out. It works for me. I use a daily schedule from Motivated Moms. (I found it online). It works somedays and sometimes not! Enjoy the holidays.