Monday, December 13, 2010

To Foster or Not to Foster...that is the Question...

So, I mentioned to you that we attended an adoption meeting this past Wednesday night for our county. Sadly, we found out that there just is not an option in our state to walk in and adopt children straight from the foster care system.


It felt like all our hopes and dreams of adopting an older child floated away this week. Which leaves us with two options.

1. Pay a lot of money and adopt an infant through an agency.

2. Become foster parents through our county and pray that we will eventually be able to adopt a child we foster.

So, now we have a decision to make and it looks like fostering is in our future. We were told, however, that in our area there is a big need for white couples who can foster newborns. interesting. We assumed the opposite. So, now we must submit our application to see if we are approved to take the 30 hours of classes and proceed with the homestudy. Please pray for us during this time. We desire for our home to be filled with children and the road ahead of us appears filled with many potholes and roadblocks. It will not be an easy journey but we are certain it is the right path for our family.


Penelope said...

Have you been to the AdoptUskids website?

Crochetingangel said...

Hang in there hun, keep praying and y'all are in my thoughts and prayers. Two of my aunts and our pastor and his wife, have all become foster parents. My one aunt adopted 4 girls that they fostered (one since she was an infant), my other aunt, adopted 3 boys and 2 girls, the little girl was a newborn when they got her. Our pastor is on their way to now adopting their 3rd child, that they have fostered since a newborn and she is now 1 yr old. It is a big process but also very rewarding.