Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 16 - 365 Days of Creativity

Tuesday I ventured away from my recent sewing trend and painted glass with Chloe. (Art class for homeschooling) I just couldn't resist joining her in the fun. Day 16.



We used glass paint and now are waiting a few days for the paint to cure before we varnish it onto the glass. I will have to get a post up on the homeschool blog to show you what Chloe painted.


I was thinking that I should go back and get more of these candle holders and paint red and pink hearts on them. Then I could scatter them across the coffee table and set little tealights in them for Valentine's Day.

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P. C. Martin said...

Very lovely! A little girl I used to take care of made me a similar gift as a goodbye present. She painted little dots on a tequila shot-glass with different colors of nail-polish, and then sprayed it with glass-finish... really cute and pretty.