Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 28 - 365 Days of Creativity

I am always looking for reasons to decorate cakes. Mostly because I can't justify baking entire cakes for myself every single week. No, no, no. That would be too wrong, even for me. And you all know how much I adore cake. Sadly, my husband does not share my same enthusiasm for cake, so when I bake and decorate one I am left eating the entire thing by my lonely self. Sad, right? And not the healthiest option for my waistline.

So, I take whatever opportunity I can find to hone my cake skills. Ahhhh...can you guess which "holiday" Day 28 landed on? You got it. Super bowl. Perfect for cake decorating. I quickly decided that I simply HAD TO create football helmet cakes. One for each team represented in the super bowl. I was planning on just making a couple New York Giant helmets but James vetoed that by stating, "That would be inappropriate, Anna." Of course, of course. I knew that. I did. But still, what's so wrong with being inappropriate every now and again? Oh well. I took James advice and made Steelers and Packers helmets.




Once again, I learned a few lessons in fondant last week. One of which was that my "grill" for the face mask needed to be at least half the size I made it. It is way too large maintain a realistic appearance. I also reiterated the fact that when working with a spherical cake, fondant must NOT be dried out or it will not conform to the shape of the cake. More likely than not, it will crack when pressure is applied.

FONDANT DOES NOT TASTE GOOD! I must admit to trying it...again. I can't resist. It looks so yummy. IT IS NOT! Trust me on this one.

This is another cake I would like to attempt again someday in the future...distant future. I really would like the cake to look like an actual helmet. I've seen them look so entirely realistic that they don't look like cake at all. Of course, I cannot even hope to achieve that level of realism in 2 hours. (Which is approximately the amount of time I devoted to these particular helmets.)

Okay, so I opted for appropriateness in my choice of teams. But that doesn't mean we needed to forgo all fun and games with the cakes. I couldn't care less about Green Bay or Pittsburgh so when our friend asked if he could decimate my cake I laughingly obliged. Behold...


Yes, I allowed a butcher knife to annihilate my helmet. Had it been a NY Giants helmet though...well...nevermind about that...

James and I have just finished building a bed and now I need to get in mine. If I have energy tomorrow, I shall be sanding and painting a bed and adding a second coat of paint to Chloe's new bedroom. If not, then I will be taking a nap. But more on that in another post. I still have more catching up to do on my creative challenge posts before we get to the painting and bed building.


LadySnow said...

I like the cakes. I think the grill on the helmet is okay. Makes it more "whimsy." LOL :-)

Anna said...

Whimsical would be an accurate description. And now looking at my photos, it appears my helmets sank a bit too, thus adding to the whimsical appearance. I do recall the opening for the face being much larger than it looks from these angles. Oh well. I had fun making them and that's what matters, right?