Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Friday

Guess where I will be in 24 hours! Yup. That's right. The house that Mickey built! (Or Walt Disney, depending on who you talk to.) I am so excited. I even packed my underwear. And Chloe's.... and James... None of us will be underwear-less in Disney World. (I know you are all silently relieved.)

I thought about posting the You Tube video called "Friday" by Rebecca Black but I figured I would rather not lose any readers over something as silly as that so I just linked to it for you. You can pop over and view it yourself, if you dare. (I am, of course, playing it in the background since Chloe is sitting here watching me type and saw the video pop up when I copied the link. She loves the song.) Okay. You gotta admit, it's catchy. And who doesn't love Friday? Especially when you get to drive to DISNEYWORLD on Friday!

So, needless to say...I couldn't sleep last night. Go figure, right? When I was a girl, my parents could never tell me about family vacations until the day of the trip because I get so sick from excitement. Yea...I never outgrew that. Thank goodness Chloe did NOT inherit that trait from me. We can bounce on the bed for hours the day before a big trip with absolutely no side affects. For her that is. I, on the other hand, get motion sickness and end up awake half the night trying to calm myself back down.

But I digress. I couldn't sleep last night. Even though I already packed the underwear, I was still worried. Did I pack enough? And what about socks? Should I go check again? So, to keep my mind from racing circles around my brain I did a little late night photo editing.

Woah! Where did that come from? Left field, right? It makes absolutely no sense to me either. But that is what I did at midnight last night. I played with some pictures in photoshop.




So, I have an hour left until "go time". We are headed to Awanas and then, at long last, the arduous drive begins. I have stocked up on Frappuccinos, M&M's and Disney dvd's. Every camera, ipod, nintendo, etc is fully charged and ready to roll. I have FOUR books on cd packed within arms reach and James' 5-hour Energy's are stacked in the glove compartment ready to go. Ack! I feel butterflies in my tummy! I better go check the hermit crabs food supply or something useful.

I have a surprise for you tomorrow. I can't tell you what it is just in case the stars don't align and my plan malfunctions. But if all goes well, I may just do something crazy cool. (At least, crazy cool for me...boring for others of you.) Have a Happy Friday everyone!

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