Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A Long Overdue Update

Well hello there blogging world! I have not fallen off the edge of the world nor have I taken a luxurious vacation to the moon, as some might suppose. No. I am quite well, actually. James informed me the other day that I might want to contemplate posting on this here blog to let everyone know I have not "gone crazy" since Pattycakes died two months ago. I can understand how one might surmise such an idea since I have not posted since that time. Here is where I shall apologize profusely. I am sorry. Life got carried away and I found myself flying along at breakneck speed through a myriad of events, most of which I could not recall even if all the chocolate in the world hung in the balance. Here is where I shall end my profuse apology and get on with some updates.

Update #1. I last left you in the midst of a hectic week, preparing for Chloe's 6th birthday party and saying goodbye to my dearest kitty friend Pattycakes. What a week, eh? You can say that again. Anyways, I pulled off Chloe's party with laughter and fun and I will have to show you pictures of all that soon.

Can you believe my little girl is SIX YEARS OLD? Where did the time go? I ask you...seriously...

What a joy this little girl is to me. I fully expected to have three more children by now according to my plans, but God clearly had other plans for me. And I must tell you that while my heart aches for more children, He could not have given me a more sweet, loving and gentle child than Chloe. She is my sweetheart. I know, I know. EVERYONE thinks their child is a joy and a sweetheart and all that jazz. But really. I believe it with my whole heart! I adore this little girl and it is the biggest privilege to walk beside her everyday, training her to be a Lady who loves Jesus and will serve Him someday.

Update #2. Chloe's birthday party only began the whirlwind of events that crashed through our lives. Shortly after I popped the last balloon and tore down the last streamer, we started packing up our kitchen. It was worse than moving, let me tell you. I know. I've moved quite a bit in my lifetime. At least when you move, everything gets packed up and you leave your house for a nice hotel and a couple months later you find a new house and unload everything. Not so when remodeling a kitchen. Nope. All those boxes must find a home somewhere in the house and in our house that happened to be all over my living room, along with the dining room table and almost every tool and gadget and gizmo my husband owns. Can you imagine such a horrendous mess? Got your mental image? Now live like that for TWO MONTHS! Okay. But you know what? It was totally worth it. I can now cook in a brand-spanking new kitchen. Ahhhhhhh...the bliss. I will have to show you the new kitchen soon.

Update #3. We are finishing school in another week and a half, or thereabouts. WHOO HOOO! This year has been a whirlwind. (Oh...did I say that already? Sorry.) Chloe reads ALL THE TIME. Although I might hear a complaint now and again during "school time" I will shortly thereafter find her curled up somewhere reading a book. (At this very moment she is reading this character building book. I think the section is on Attentiveness. What a girl!!!)

I started planning out our curriculum for first grade too. We shall begin first grade the last week in June. (I know. Cruel mother, right? Forcing my child to "do school" during summer break? Okay. But we get to take breaks throughout the year, whenever we feel like it. Yeah. Oh...and we are usually done in May or April. Now I can see you all nodding your heads and wishing you could be out of school in May when the weather is gorgeous outside.) More on the curriculum ideas and choices for first grade will come soon on my homeschool blog (which also found itself sadly neglected this spring).

Update #4. Three new creatures found themselves added to our family. Hermit crabs. Sadly one died within five days. We didn't mourn him. (I think we were all cried out with Pattycakes.) Originally I asked James for a Chinchilla. He said no. Too high maintenance or something like that. He agreed to hermit crabs because they are small and can fit inside a glass aquarium. What James failed to realize is that hermit crabs are extremely high maintenance. Or at least I think they are. They need their "crabitat" a certain temperature. And if that weren't bad enough...they need a precise humidity level too...quite a high one at that (70%). Oh, and they are extremely social creatures so they must have at least two other crabbie friends with them. They also need salt water to bath in and fresh water to drink. And you can't forget the shells. They must have shells so they can switch homes. They also need to have a deep substrate so they can bury themselves and molt for 3 months, during which time you must keep them isolated without disturbing them. SHEESH! Did you even read all that? I think we would have been better off with a new kitten.


I have been waiting most of my life for this. In ten more days it will finally happen. I couldn't tell you who jumps around and shrieks louder, Chloe or me. But I will tell you this. Planning a vacation to Disneyworld is just as bad as planning a tour of Europe. Hotel reservations, dinner reservations, itineraries, packing lists, etc. etc. etc. But I am so excited I could scream right now! I GET TO MEET MICKEY MOUSE!

Okay. Chloe has finished reading the sections on attentiveness and faith and is now asking for a game of Sorry! before I prepare dinner. I feel a strong need to grant her request. After all, it won't be long before I plan her 12th birthday party and wonder where these next 6 years went. Sigh. Life speeds by too fast. Enjoy the moments. Each and every one of them. Savor them. Linger over them. Go and make a memory.


Anonymous said...

I so enjoyed your post. Thanks for writing. It does indeed sound like you have been busy!


Lisa said...

Hello, Anna! So nice to hear about all of your updates. Chloe must truly be getting big. It's such a blessing, isn't it?
Nice to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back Anna--I have missed you. But I can see how BUSY you have been--my word, the mind boggles.

Hopefully things are settling down for you all now.


P. C. Martin said...

Oh hurrah hurrah, Anna's back! However will you catch us up with your 365 days of creativity???