Friday, June 10, 2011

Early Mushroom Practice


I planned Chloe's 7th birthday party today. A tad bit early...I know, but I can hardly wait. And hey! I figure I can start shopping now for supplies so that the party doesn't kill my budget come March. I am not going to tell you what the party theme is quite yet. I will hold you in suspense for at least a few months. But I will mention that she picked something entirely girly. I have not allowed her this option for the past 5 years since most of her friends previously have been boys. But this year we had a hard time eliminating some of the names off her list (I refuse to allow more than 10 children in my tiny house for a party) so I decided she may have a girls only party this next year. (sorry boys)

Well, I spent a couple of hours just planning the decorations and activities and food and whatnot. Let me tell you...this party will be the absolute best party ever. And if you all have seen our previous parties then you know that means something. Ohhhhh boy...I can hardly wait! I got to looking at cakes and sheesh! I need some practice. It looks like I am going to need to play with fondant for this cake. At least a portion of it. I haven't quite made up my mind yet, but I have some general ideas of what I want.

Anyways, I looked up a youtube video on how to form mushrooms and you would not believe how incredibly effortless these are. I was so taken back by the level of ease that I simply had to try some today just to make sure that were, indeed, that simple.




And just look at how darling they are. What cute little mushrooms.


Now remember that I mentioned earlier that I intended to keep you in suspense regarding the theme of this party. So, I think it imperative to inform you that the theme is NOT mushrooms. Now you may see bits and pieces of things over the next few months as I "practice" various ideas, but that's that. Practice.

I whipped up these mushrooms in about 10 minutes. See? Easy! And now I am off to work on my knitted skirt and sip a cup of tea. Have a charming evening everyone! Hope to chat at you again soon with a finished skirt to show off.



Sarah said...


Lisa said...

So, so cute!!! Now you've got me wondering what the theme is. Keep us posted!

Sue said...

Just so cute! You have a real talent for decorating.

Am wondering if the theme has anything to do with Disney World. It rather reminds me of something from a fairyland of sorts.

Lindsay said...

These are so cute. I hadn't remembered to check your blog lately until today. I knew you'd have some new creative thing you were working on and sure enough you did.