Wednesday, June 08, 2011

My Morning Routine

It saddens me to announce that I lost the memory card for my camera. Yes. I did. (Those little suckers are so tiny.) I do know where it is, but I cannot find it. It is somewhere in my back garden lawn. Sigh. I searched and searched on my hands and knees for about an hour and I cannot locate it. Uggggg. (I don't even want to know what the neighbors thought if they happened to see me.)

In other sad news, James transferred ALL of the pictures from my laptop over to our external hard drive. That should be wonderful news, right? Well, our dear external hard drive decided to take a vacation into cyber space so I am unable to access all our wonderful Disney World pictures for you all. I was gearing up to write out a couple of posts for you all too. (I even have one or two started.) Sigh. When it rains it pours, right?

Talk about pouring...James little truck got sick too. Now we need to take it into the shop to have it fixed. In the meantime, I am without a vehicle unless I feel the urge to get up at the ungodly hour of 5:00 am to take James to work. Nope. I don't think so. Not this 9:00 am riser. I just don't do mornings.

So...anyways, enough of that rain stuff. It's summer and with it comes sunshine and all sorts of other delightfully warm activities. I made one and only one goal to accomplish during our summer break. (which is almost hoo) I wanted to form the habit of my morning routine. I have not maintained very good routines over the past school year and I have a feeling this could have something to do with my stress levels. If my house is not clean I feel out of control. So, for our 6 week summer break, I am forcing myself to finish my morning routine every single morning. Want to see what that routine is?

My Morning Routine

1. Devotions
2. Make Bed
3. Give Chloe meds
4. Start washing machine (on washing days)
5. Clean kitty box
6. Change kitty water (Chloe feeds them)
7. Wash breakfast dishes
8. Sweep floor
9. Vacuum floors
10. Shower
11. Swish and Swipe bathroom

So, there you have it. This is what I do every single morning as soon as I wake up. Breakfast is, of course, thrown in there somewhere. I figure after 6 weeks, this should become a habit so ingrained in me that I don't have to think about doing it. That's sort of the point, right? At least that's what Flylady says. I've been doing it every day since we arrived home from Disney World and I have to admit that the flow of the routine is becoming a habit. I no longer have to look at the list to know what comes next. And once I start the routine, I naturally finish without thinking about it. The problem is...starting. That needs to become a habit.

I have also started timing this routine. I need to know how long it takes me to do it so that I can plan my mornings better on days when I need to leave the house early for a playdate or field trip or something. That way, I don't feel out of control when I get home and things start piling up.

Well, I am off to do something. What? I don't know. Maybe finish knitting a skirt. Maybe weave in the ends on some dishcloths I crocheted this weekend so I can show them to you. Maybe bake some bread. Maybe blog about the cookies Chloe made yesterday. (which I was able to photograph with James old rinky dink camera.) Hmmmm...too many decisions.

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Lindsay said...

I try to set good habits too but Caleb always seems to interrupt them.