Friday, June 24, 2011

What Does Chloe REALLY Need?

I tend to fret over everything. Am I reading to Chloe enough? Am I cooking the right food? Does she get enough vegetables? Did I choose the right curriculum for her? Am I stifling her future because I didn't put her in ballet? Gymnastics? Theatre? Are we involved in enough extra-curricular activities? Too much? And boy oh boy but we don't get out in nature enough. It's all so mind-boggling and leaves me feeling defeated.

Do you ever feel that way? Like you aren't measuring up to some standard someone (or you yourself) created?

Read this post.

Yea...makes me want another Me and Mommy Day. Or at least a dress up tea party. Or even a snuggle under a blanket with a pile of books which we may or may not read depending on how the tickle war progresses. I have tears in my eyes as I sign off to go hug my little girl and smother her face in kisses. I highly recommend you do the same with your dear children. They are such a precious gift from God. Let them know that. Right now.

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