Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ask and You Shall Receive

...if your name happens to be Chloe, that is.

After Pattycakes passed away early this spring, Chloe and I visited a local Petco to cuddle the kitties. We found the most perfect kitty. She sat contentedly on my lap for a full ten minutes, just purring her little heart out. She allowed Chloe to pet her while still purring. Her name was Minnie Mouse. I immediately called James at work and described this kitty to him. I explained how well she would fit into our family and that she would help me get over the loss of Pattycakes (who was my lap kitty). James said, "NO!" I don't blame him. I really don't. Three cats can be a lot. Three cats along with four, possibly five (if Searchy didn't eat Willie 1) hermit crabs make for a small zoo in our little townhouse. But, oh, how Chloe and my hearts did break when he so adamantly said,"No!" It was so final. So resolute.

I gave up. I thoroughly enjoy the two kitties in my life. Bumblebee and Twillerbee. My fat cats. My babies.



Even after adding three new hermit crabs to our tank, Chloe still insisted that she needed a new kitten. Daddy promised her a fish. So, when he arrives home, we will be adding a new fish to our menagerie.

Oh...and Chloe still begged for a kitten. Cats tend to be slightly more responsive to human interactions than fish. And after another two weeks of pleading, imploring, beseeching and downright begging, Daddy said yes.


Yes! He said yes! So, we are getting a new kitty next week. And a fish. It will resemble a proper zoo around here.

I have researched the best ways to introduce a new kitty to Chloe for optimum bonding. So far my research has found that maybe a 1-2 year old kitty might be the best option, contrary to my original belief that a kitten would grow up around Chloe and be used to her. What I have read is that if a kitten becomes frightened by the loudness and lack of gentility of the child, they grow to be skittish. Well, we have two extremely skittish kitties right now and I now believe that we most likely created this problem. When James arrives home, we will head to the shelters to greet some 1-2 year old kitties and see who bonds with Chloe.

One thing I must keep in mind with a new kitty is safety. Big monsters live in our house and threaten the kitties happiness.


Bumblebee protects us. He takes down the monster by walking slowly around it, sniffing it from all sides and then guarding the door so the beast is trapped until I lock it away in the dark, dungeon of our closet.

Thank you Bumblebee. It is now save to play.


Although, Twillerbee always keeps a watchful eye out in case the monster escapes. You will often see her staring up at the ceiling with a look of fear in her eyes. But Bumblebee is never far. He watches over us and protects us from whatever he warrants we need protection from. (Steam cleaners are down right evil, let me tell you.)


Although, even heroes need a rest now and then.


We are officially ready for kitty number 3. Way to go Chloe! (Maybe you should start asking for a puppy now.)

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Anonymous said...

I have been wondering how long it would be before James gave in---well done James--you are giving another cat a good home !!

Marian xx