Thursday, July 14, 2011

Book Reading Frenzy

Books, books, books. Can anyone own too many books? Or read too many books? I love books. It seems this summer I can't get enough. And I thank the Lord Jesus for libraries. I really do. Just imagine living in a third world country or somewhere you couldn't gain access to as many books as your heart desires? I simply can't fathom that. I love books so much.

I obtained my own "teacher's card" this past year which allows me to hold onto my books longer with no late fees. Can you believe that? What a blessing that has been for my marriage. (No more late fees for late books. It has saved my marriage AND a few $100 a year.) And our local library system has absolutely no limit to the number of books you can check out. The only sad thing I find is that they do not provide shopping carts. Often I am dragging my book bag loaded completely down with books, books piled up on top of the bag, books under each arm and Chloe carrying as many as she can possibly hold. Shopping carts at libraries would certainly save my arms.

So, I have been reading quite a few books lately. Did I mention that already? Sorry. One book that opened my eyes to a world much different than my own was The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. What really shook me was the fact that this sort of poverty isn't limited to third world countries. It's right here in our own country. Sometimes right in our backyards. Children with not enough food to eat or clothes to wear. Homeless families with no where to turn, stuck in a lifestyle they can't seem to find their way out of. This book caused me to stop and look at my home and what God has provided for me. The variety of food we eat on a daily basis. The amount of clothes we own. The very fact that we have running water and a toilet inside our house. Did you know there are people in the United States who don't have those basics that we feel are necessary to live? Wow. And I complain about the color of my bathroom floor tiles. Sheesh!

I fell completely in love with another author. Karen Kingsbury. I have read five of her books this past week. How come I have never read her novels before? Where have I been? Hiding under a rock? Phenomenal! That's all I can say. Her writing is superb and her stories are meaningful. I am working my way through her Firstborn Series right now. I have one book left and I can hardly wait to start it.

I better get off the computer if I would like to get some reading time in before my eyelids shut down on me. I challenge you to stop by your library and pick up a book or two to read this summer. Sink yourself into a delightful story and tell me about it when you are done. I want to know...what are you reading? Maybe I can pick a copy up at my library and read it too.

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Oh yes, I love Karen Kingsbury's books also.