Monday, July 04, 2011

Watercolor Cardinal

I have never been a fine arts painter. That particular art form never chose to attach itself to me. So, when I asked Chloe if she would like to sit down with me today to sketch and paint pictures of birds which we've recently admired flocking to our yard and she obliged, I knew I was in for it.

How can someone with no artistic abilities teach a child with artistic abilities (budding) how to sketch a bird?

Well, "how hard could it be?" I reasoned with myself and promptly sat down with our sketching pencils and watercolors before me.

Less than an hour later, I created my first ever watercolor painting. Wait. Er...correction. First ever as an adult. I took a watercolor class in 8th grade, but, as previously mentioned, it didn't quite take.

You can imagine my surprise and...well...sheer delight when I laid down my brush and gazed at my finished project.

It actually looks like a cardinal. Wouldn't you agree?



Ha-ha-ha-ha-Ha-Ha! Tra La La La la...

Tickled. That's what you could say. Tickled all different shades of pink.

So, it's not perfect. I know this. But somehow I've gone from someone who knows absolutely squat about painting to someone who can paint an object that resembles a cardinal in less than an hour. Wow! Who knew, right? Who knew. I am floating on cloud nine.

I need to go call my mother. She is never gonna believe this! She can attest to my lack of painting skills. She tried to teach me a few years back. Okay, so I was wrong earlier. I HAVE tried painting as an adult. The second attempt proved no different from the first. But you know what they all say... Third tries a charm...


Kopfmom said...

Great job on the cardinal Anna!!! Don't give up on just one try. Have fun, enjoy the ride and don't let anyone discourage you from just having a good time. Love, Mom & Dad

P. C. Martin said...

Very pretty