Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Cat Tags

I walked downstairs the other day to find a strip of toilet paper on my coffee table.


Upon closer examination, I noticed words written upon the toilet paper.



But hey! Such is a day in the life a six year old's mother. Stranger things have happened.

"What is this?" I asked Chloe when she walked down the stairs shortly after me. She immediately began talking fast (You know...the excited, "aren't you proud of me" kind of chatter.) while holding up her creation for me to see.


I know you are just as curious as I was when I saw the writing on the toilet paper. But once Chloe explained it, it all made perfect sense. That what you see is a cat tag. You just tie it around the neck or the belly of the cat and if they happen to escape out into the wild and dangerous neighborhood, whoever sees the toilet paper will read it and be able to return the kitties home.

The toilet paper says...

"This is the (our last name) family.

Having the kitties names on the paper is important. Those who find the kitty will need to know their name.

I praised Chloe for her wonderful ingenuity and creativity and then explained that perhaps the toilet paper might get wet if it rained when the kitties got out. She then explained that we would just make sure they don't escape on a raining day. Ah ha! She is so clever!

So, I am thinking we may market this. It could go far. Toilet paper cat tags. We keep a steady supply of toilet paper in the house. The process to make the cat tags remains relatively simple. All you really need is a fountain pen and some toilet paper. Production time is minimal. Really. I see a great future for our family with our new cat tag line.

If you are interested in our cat tags, leave me a comment in my comments section. We have yet to establish the value of these tags, but I am sure they will be less than $10 each. We may even branch out and create tags for dogs, but we still need some time to work out the kinks in the design. Dogs slobber and would ruin the tags before they could even escape through the front door, rendering the tags useless. We will keep you posted.

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