Thursday, August 04, 2011

Little Joys

Sometimes, the smallest or simplest things bring me so much cheer. I can't explain it. Maybe its my simple mind. You know what they say...simple minds = simple playthings. Well, if such is the case, so be it.

While baking in my kitchen a smile creeps across my face every time I reach for...


I adore this little baking soda can. I worked for a French chef while living in England where I was responsible for making various sandwiches which he then sold for lunches to the local colleges. My boss catered other goodies as well so I often walked into our storage shed/kitchen and found myself in the midst of a baking marathon. He used this baking soda. I fell in love with the tiny can and when I saw him preparing to toss it into the "rubbish bin", I asked if I could keep it.

Upon arriving home, I began looking for the perfect location for my new-found treasure. Ah-ha! Toothpicks! They fit neatly inside the can. It was like this little can was made to be my toothpick holder. I've kept them in it ever since.

So, you see. This little can is more than just a cute baking soda can from England. It contains my memories. Each time I grab for it, I float away to a time when someone attempted to teach me french words. When I learned that Disney inserts vulgar curse words into their movies in French. (I shocked my boss a time or two when I said a word I learned from Beauty and the Beast. He stared at me like he couldn't believe a good girl like me would say such a thing. I had no idea! It was in a kid's movie, after all.) When I worked alongside my neighbor/best friend, chatting about the best places to go shopping in Cambridge or Bury St. Edmonds. When we stopped work every mid-day for an egg salad sandwich and tea.

All of that, packed inside a baking soda can with my toothpicks. And it's a pretty neat little can, too.

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