Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Moon

Speaking of the moon...


The real moon. (and no...James did not hang it. Although closet doors come pretty close.)


I took those pictures through the telescope with my camera. I borrowed a lens from another stargazer to get this next picture. My lens could not get anywhere near this close.


I need to get out my manual and read up on how to change my shutter speed. I could have gotten a much better picture if I could have found the button, but it was very dark, even in the light of the full moon.

I just think its pretty cool that I got the images I did with my camera and limited photography knowledge. We saw some other cool things too. Like two stars that appear next to each other but are really lightyears away and the M16 Nebula star cluster. So very cool. We might need to go stargazing again.

P.S. We are studying space for school right now, hence the stargazing through telescopes and knowledge of M16 star cluster and such. I am getting a quality education over here. I wonder if they will let me homeschool college too. I would be all over that.

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michele said...

What a creative idea to solve a storage problem. Those hair ribbons and such can get all over the house. Hope she like it!