Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall 2011 To-Do List

Here is a list I compiled of things I would like to do this fall with or for Chloe and James. I have no idea if we can even get it all done, but I am going to try. These are things I want to do every year but when it comes right down to picking something to do on a given weekend my mind draws a blank and I end up saying something stupid like, "I don't know...what do YOU want to do." Well, not this year. I have my pre-made list ready and now there shall be no excuses.

1. Day Camping Trip - go camping for an afternoon/evening with all the expected "camping activities" only come home to sleep in our own bed instead of the hard, cold forest floor.

2. Go for a hike in a State Park we have yet to visit

3. Bake Monarch Butterfly cupcakes.

4. Bake an apple pie

5. Make a gold leaf tree for our coffee table

6. Make Thanksgiving Placemats

7. Make Caramel Apples

8. Make Caramels

9. Carve a pumpkin

10. Bake a pumpkin roll (yummy! a must-do every year item)

11. Decorate the house for fall

12. Sew a fall dress for Chloe

13. Fry doughnuts

14. Make soft squishy pumpkins

15. Make a pom pom tree

16. Take a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway to see the fall foliage

17. Make sausage ratatouille

18. Make chicken pot pie

19. Build a scarecrow

20. Turkey Trot mile run

21. Make cornhusk dolls

22. Throw an Apple themed playdate party

23. Make Bread Bowls and chili

24. Visit a local farm fall festival and corn maze

25. Attend a Thanksgiving Parade

26. Make lots and lots of fall crafts!

27. Make a fall wreath for the front door.

28. Attend the local "day after Thanksgiving" festivities with ice skating, Santa, carriage rides and tree lighting.

Monday, October 03, 2011


It's gone. Completely gone.

My Nikon D5000 is no more.

It was stolen from our apartment in New York City.


My parents came to visit for a couple of weeks and we took them to NYC to see where James was raised and the Statue of Liberty. We stayed in an apartment in the Upper West Side. Well, that evening while we headed out to climb (ride an elevator) up the Empire State Building, some person broke into our room and helped themselves to my $800 camera.

I can't cry. It was only a camera after all. I didn't lose my daughter or my leg or something of that importance. A camera can be replaced...if one has the finances to do so (which I do not). But oh, how I miss it. I look at my charger (which was left at home) and sigh. I even have my camera bag. Empty.

I have some pictures my mother gave me from her camera as documentation that I truly "was there" but it's not the same. It is not MY photography. With MY camera.


Those college classes on photography I was asking for Christmas seem a little pointless now so I will remove them from my wishlist.

Someday I will replace it. Not now. But someday.

In other news, the remodeling work commenced on our basement this morning. Hooray! Oh yea. I forgot to mention (or maybe I did mention and forgot) that our entire basement flooded a few weeks ago. Right in time for my parent's visit. So they (not my parents...the water mitigation people) tore everything up and dried it out and now we've been waiting for 4 weeks for them (the remodeling people) to come and replace everything. We get a brand new basement out of this.

So, lots going on in our household. I will have to update you all more at another time. I am off to clean something. Or take a nap.