Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall 2011 To-Do List

Here is a list I compiled of things I would like to do this fall with or for Chloe and James. I have no idea if we can even get it all done, but I am going to try. These are things I want to do every year but when it comes right down to picking something to do on a given weekend my mind draws a blank and I end up saying something stupid like, "I don't know...what do YOU want to do." Well, not this year. I have my pre-made list ready and now there shall be no excuses.

1. Day Camping Trip - go camping for an afternoon/evening with all the expected "camping activities" only come home to sleep in our own bed instead of the hard, cold forest floor.

2. Go for a hike in a State Park we have yet to visit

3. Bake Monarch Butterfly cupcakes.

4. Bake an apple pie

5. Make a gold leaf tree for our coffee table

6. Make Thanksgiving Placemats

7. Make Caramel Apples

8. Make Caramels

9. Carve a pumpkin

10. Bake a pumpkin roll (yummy! a must-do every year item)

11. Decorate the house for fall

12. Sew a fall dress for Chloe

13. Fry doughnuts

14. Make soft squishy pumpkins

15. Make a pom pom tree

16. Take a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway to see the fall foliage

17. Make sausage ratatouille

18. Make chicken pot pie

19. Build a scarecrow

20. Turkey Trot mile run

21. Make cornhusk dolls

22. Throw an Apple themed playdate party

23. Make Bread Bowls and chili

24. Visit a local farm fall festival and corn maze

25. Attend a Thanksgiving Parade

26. Make lots and lots of fall crafts!

27. Make a fall wreath for the front door.

28. Attend the local "day after Thanksgiving" festivities with ice skating, Santa, carriage rides and tree lighting.


Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

Sounds like fun! I especially like the daytime camping concept. We might need to try that.

When the times comes to make caramels, check out my favoritest caramel recipe: Honey Caramels.

Lea said...

I LOVE your to do list... AND I can't wait to see the final products of it...

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna---just want to wish you and James and Chloe a very Happy Christmas---but more important a Healthy New Year.Marian xxx