Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Change of Plans...Again!

I did it again! I planned Chloe's birthday party down to the color of the icing on the cake and she went and changed the theme of the party altogether.

So, I guess I can tell you what the original plan was although we may use it in the future. (She said maybe her 8th party. I am thinking maybe the next child if we adopt or get pregnant with a girl.) The original plan was a Fairy Garden Tea Party. How sweet, right? She loved the idea when we were cleaning up from her shark party last year. In fact, she helped me come up with the idea.

But no. Christmas day her plans changed. I will give you a clue. Here is her favorite you tube video at the moment.

Yup. Chloe wants a Star Wars party! How fun!

You see, she bought me the whole saga on dvd for Christmas this year. She heard me say I would love it at some point this past year and got it into her little noggin that it would be the perfect gift for me. I almost cried as I opened it on Christmas morning. Quite an elaborately expensive gift from a 6 year old child, but it showed her love and devotion to me. What a sweet, sweet child my dear Chloe is. Unknowingly, I also purchased Star Wars memorabilia for Chloe's gifts. A Darth Vadar mask, a Storm Trooper mask and two light sabers. Needless to say, she adored them. We had quite the Star Wars Christmas, complete with a movie marathon (which lasted until New Years Eve. Do you have any idea how long all six Star Wars movies last back to back?) and now a child who believes herself to be a Jedi Knight and capable of using The Force to open/close our van door.

Is it any wonder then that she asked for a Star Wars party? And Star Wars it will be. (I just need to research how to make an R2-D2 cake. I think I found the perfect plans.

It is going to be a great party! Just you wait and see what I come up with this year! I am so excited!!!


Kathy said...

What a fun idea :)

There is a video on youtube from "the piano guys" where the cello guy did a starwars parody called "the cello wars" It is very well done, now everyone here wants to take cello lessons!


Anna said...

Chloe would LOVE that. She actually does want to play the cello! (or the harp, but I told her she has to wait a few years for that.)

LadySnow said...

My kiddos love Star Wars. Can't wait to see pics from her party. :-)