Thursday, January 19, 2012

Do You Know How to Post Videos to Facebook? should!

Just kidding. But for real, this is Chloe's favorite commercial on television right now. They seem to play it every single tv commercial break during the Giants football games. (Go Giants!)

I often overhear James and Chloe reciting this phrase to each other and then bursting into laughter over it. It would seem they have an inside joke between the two of them that I am not privy too. I don't understand the humor behind their uproarious laughter, but I am happy for it none-the-less.

This commercial sparked a new obsession interest for Chloe. She keeps begging me to post a video of her on my blog and on facebook. In her eyes, the question posed in this commercial is valid. Can Mama post videos to faceboook?

So, I promised her I would. She chose to recite one of her school poems so I could post it. Chloe...this one is for you...and OF you, coincidentally... (I added all those little trailing periods for her as well...Chloe loves them and now adds them to most of her writing assignments. I limit her to four dots per sentence...or else she fills the paper with them. She finds the humor of the dots increases with each one added. 10 trailing periods is infinitely more hilarious than 3. Go figure.)

A.A. Milne happens to be one of our very favorite authors. Chloe and I both love his humor. She adores his poetry so I thought it would be fun for her to memorize some of it this year. I will have to get another video of her reciting "Pinkle Purr" up for you. (hint: it's about a cat.)

Since that was so easy, I better run along and figure out how to post this video to facebook!


Lindy said...

What a pretty girl! Tell her she did great on her video.

LadySnow said...

She's so cute! Hard to believe our baby girls are going to be 7 soon!

Anna said...

Thank you Lindy. I will let her know. :)

I know LadySnow. I was looking at the picture of them together the other day thinking that very same thing. I wish we could get together again soon. It has been way too long.