Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Hooray! We made it to 2012! I don't know why I feel such a deep need to celebrate this fact. Well, maybe because 2011 proved to be somewhat difficult for me to get through emotionally. It could have been worse. Yes. But we saw quite a bit of chaos. We survived and I am happy to say that things are calming down for a bit. I need the break. I really do. A break from the chaos to get my life back on track.

Okay. So, I put together a little list of "New Year's GOALS" to help me. Here they are.

1. Read through the Bible this year.

2. Run a 5K.

3. Reach "Airborne PT Standards". (19 pushups in 2 min., 53 situps in 2 min., 18:54 min 2 mile run)

4. Read 52 books.

5. Visit every State Park in my state.

6. Blog every day except Sunday.

7. Zone clean everything in my entire house at least once. (see

8. Do something creative once a week. (I tried the daily thing last year, as you may recall...and, know how that went. I figure a weekly goal would better suit my "free spirit" nature.

9. Take a photography class.

10. Adopt a child or two.

So far the New Year is off to an excellent start. I have been to the gym 3 times since Friday. Woo Hoo! I am no longer scared of running the treadmill in front of total strangers. (I am still a bit nervous walking into the fitness room, but then I reason with myself and try to convince myself that everyone else there is not watching me to see if I fall off the treadmill or sprinkle sweat on the increase speed button and I soon settle myself down into a routine. It's not the same as being scared though. It really isn't. Scared is not going...which is exactly what I've been doing for the past 10 years. Not going.)

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season and that your new year brings you closer to the heart of Jesus. (That is another one of my "goals" but I am unsure how to make it less general and more obtainable.) Have a fantastic Monday night!

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Lea said...

I do believe these are awesome goals Anna! God's blessings for the New Year.