Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Incredible Journey Begins!

We did it!

We finally DID IT!

We submitted our adoption application!!!

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am at this moment. Our lives are on the brink of changing dramatically and my heart thrills just to think of it.

This incredible journey has been thought about, prayed over, meditated on, researched, prayed over again and researched yet again many times. When a family begins to think about adoption, there are so many choices to be made. Infant? Domestic? International? State? Private Agency? It boggles the mind.

A year ago our minds were set to foster through the state. We filled out the application and attended the information meeting. All that was needed was to drop the application in the mail. Something caught in my heart. I could not move forward. I could not mail the application. It sat on our kitchen table for months. I prayed. I cried. I searched. I asked advice of friends and family. No peace came. I needed peace with our decision.

This Christmas, James and I made the decision to adopt through an agency. We chose one and filled out the application. I felt a bit of peace returning to my heart. This was a step in the right direction. We filled out the entire application and all that remained was hitting the submit button on the computer. I asked the Lord for a sign by Friday of last week. I gave him two days. Friday night the word came. This agency might not be the best choice.

But where to go? What do do? We had just finished filling out the application! God? What do you want us to do? We need your guidance.

I began talking with a lady in our church who adopted previously. She mentioned another agency. Aha! I've heard of them! I liked them but I forgot about it over the past year. And if that wasn't enough, another lady walked over and mentioned her praise of this agency.

I immediately texted James and told him, "Do NOT hit submit! Please tell me you haven't hit submit yet!" He had just finished filling in the last line. We spent this past weekend filling out the new application. I waited until they were open on Tuesday to call and talk with the coordinator. As I was speaking with her, a peace that passes my human understanding washed over me. Yes. This was right.

That afternoon I slipped the envelope containing our application into the mail.

Now we are waiting for our initial interview so we can start our adoption training classes on February 1.

The incredible journey has begun!


Sarah said...

Congratulations Anna! We will be praying for you!

TRose said...

So excited for your family as you go on this journey! There will definitely be ups and downs, but God has given you peace about your decision and I pray for that continued peace in the time to come. Praying for the perfect situation to come along and God to "bless your socks off"

Lisa said...

Hi Anna,
Congratulations! We adopted a daughter from China five years ago and it was definitely an experience we will never forget. The Lord spoke so very clearly to us at that time.

Which adoption agency did you end up choosing? We went through America World.


Lindsay said...

I really hope everything goes smoothly. What a blessing your family will be to the child God places in your lives.