Friday, January 20, 2012

Pinkle Purr Video

This one is from Chloe, ya'll. Proof that Mama got the hang of this whole posting videos on the blog thing. (I still need to get them up on facebook though.)

Note: Chloe acted out the part of Pinkle Purr the cat during her recitation. (She did NOT have to use the restroom. I asked when I was done filming.)

I am amazed at how much this child can memorize. She worked on this poem before Thanksgiving and remembered most of it this morning. This is in addition to her scripture memory work (1 full chapter every 4 weeks) and her verses for Awanas (she is working through her book for the second time this year). Way to go Chloe!

Another Note: I am sorry but the voice you hear prompting Chloe is my own and I think it imperative I inform you that it is NOT the same voice I hear in my head when I talk. That voice is much softer and gentler. I do not intend to sound harsh and dicator-esque when I speak. Please forgive my confused video camera for this erroneous representation.

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