Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Star Wars Birthday Invitations

They are ready! The invitations to Chloe's birthday party are made and ready to be handed/mailed out to her friends. Yippee! We are so excited.


I bought this nifty little white paint pen so Chloe could cover the edges of the black cardstock with galaxies of stars.


I downloaded a Star Wars font to use and let me tell you...its PERFECT! I may use it for other things I need to type in the future.


So the front of the invitation says...

Star Wars
Episode VII: Birthday Party
Starring: Chloe Skywalker

In a galaxy far, far away, on the morning of March 15, a baby girl was born. The Jedi Council named her Chloe. They knew she was the chosen one. In the seven years that followed her birth, young Chloe has been learning the powers of the Force. Meanwhile, the Republic has discovered a new enemy. The Jedi Knights feel a strong disturbance in the Force. Fear, pain and suffering have opened the path to the darkside. Many Jedi Knights have been lost. The very future of the Jedi Order is now in jeapordy. Young Padwan Chloe has been called by the Jedi Council, to seek out future Jedi. Master Yoda is urging the younglings to complete their training and take part in the upcoming trials.

The back of the invitation includes the party information.


Padwan (child's name) presence is requested to complete the Jedi training and prepare for the trials on March (day of party) 2012. Transport to the Jedi Temple, on Coruscant, will be departing promptly at (time) from the Ness system, Docking Bay (address) and returning at (time). Please advise Jedi Masters James and Anna Ness ASAP at (phone number) as to whether Padwan (child's name) will accept the challenge of the trials.

May the Force be with you!

In a small note at the bottom I included...

Please note that due to new security protocols in the republic, no weapons will be allowed on transport vessels. Please forgive the inconvenience and rest assured that the Jedi Council has secured enough equipment for the padwans to complete their training.

I don't know what got into my little brain. We made 14 invitations. Yes, that's right. FOURTEEN!!! If they all accept, that will be 14 little Jedi padwans running around my tiny house. Oh goodness me.


But how do I tell Chloe that she can't invite her friends? That is so very, very hard. We already culled the list as far down as I possibly could and still we ended up with 14 names.

Ah, but good time at the party we will have. The Force is strong in our family!


LadySnow said...

I love it! <3

Brandie said...

Those are great! =) If all 14 say yes, maybe ask some of the other parents to stay and help?