Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Suprise Inside

Every year we hide a pickle ornament inside our tree for Chloe to find. When she finds it, she receives a little gift. If (when) we had (have) more children, it would be the first child that finds it gets the gift. (And the gift would be something for the entire family, like a puzzle or a board game.)

Anyways, as she was hunting for the pickle she found a treasure inside our tree.

A real bird's nest!

We waited until we took the tree down to get it out. (Sadly our tree was deader than a doornail...I don't think we have ever seen a deader tree.)



Unfortunately, the nest broke almost in half as I tried to maneuver it out from the branches. We all decided that we will put it outside in my shrub rose bush in the back garden and maybe the birds can make use of it. Who knows. Maybe they can repair it and use it. Wouldn't that be neat?

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