Friday, March 09, 2012

Leap Year Celebrations

What a fantastic year! We enjoyed one whole extra day that we don't normally get. Isn't the idea of that marvelous? Oh, the things we could do with an extra 24 hours. February 29th, Chloe and I skipped school for the day. Why should we do school when we have 24 extra hours?

We baked frog cupcakes instead of trudging through sums.


Things got a little crazy towards the end of the day. Chloe's anticipation of devouring a frog cupcake escalated dramatically with each passing minute. She became almost desperate by suppertime. Finally! FINALLY! The moment arrived.


The look says it all.

Must. Eat. Cupcake.


She really is not as crazy as that picture makes it appear. The poor child slaved away on those cupcakes for hours (dramatic eye roll and sigh inserted here) and was just thrilled to finally have one before bed. She really was sweet about the whole thing.


Now we have to wait another 4 years for another extra day.

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