Friday, July 06, 2012

Alive and Well

I've been to Never-Never Land, or so it would appear, and have once again returned to write about my adventures. Okay. Maybe I haven't actually flown to the third star and on to morning, but I sure have kept busy this summer. So busy, in fact, that I have not had a spare moment during which I felt like blogging. You see, blogging takes an incredible amount of effort. I don't know if you realized that or not. I know there are some who think you just sit down at a keyboard and type and it all magically flows out. Sometimes that can happen. But most of the time, it takes work.

1. Remove pictures from camera onto the computer. (You would be surprised at how daunting that task alone can be. Just ask my sister. She just buys a new memory card instead of deleting the pictures.)

2. Brew a cup of coffee.

3. Find blog site and write title (or leave blank in case a better title comes to mind later).

4. Add creamer and sugar to coffee and take first sip. (This step can take quite a while...especially first thing in the morning.)

5. Type witty first line. Every blog post needs a witty introduction to draw the readers in. Without it they will just click away to a much more sophisticated blog worthy of their attention. (Keep in mind that this step could take anywhere from 1 minute to 1 hour....depending on how long that first sip of coffee took and how much caffeine has entered the bloodstream at this point.)

6. Drink more coffee.

7. Fix child breakfast.

8. Drink more coffee.

9. Type first paragraph.

10. Delete first paragraph because it had nothing to do with witty line.

11. At this point you notice that your pictures have finished transferring to the computer. Its time to browse through the file and pick the ones you need to use in the post.

12. Open photo storage website.

13. Drink more coffee.

14. Upload pictures to photo storage website.

15. Clean spilled cereal from floor before cats lick up the milk and leave tongue imprints on the dark wood laminate.

16. Edit pictures for post.

17. Write post.

18. Brew another cup of coffee.

19. With the increased mental boost additional caffeine produced, edit the post using a thesaurus. (This is the most critical step in the writing process, beneath coffee of course. Words like "spawned" or "fabricated" just look way more cool than "made". You don't "make" a cup of SPAWN a cup of coffee. Oh wait...that doesn't work. Delete. Retry. Brew? That works. Think action verbs here, people. Action!)

20. Drink more coffee.

21. Add pictures to post.

22. Read through entire post 2 times to check for final edits. (Like misspelled words or run on sentences or incomplete sentences....or overuse of parenthesis in every other sentence...or improper use of the dot, dot dots trailing off the end of sentences...)


24. View blog as a reader and read through post again. It's okay to chuckle at your own cleverness of sentence structure. Those dot, dot, dots really are quite funny, no?

25. Suddenly remember that blank title form and hastily edit the post to include something last minute so no readers will happen upon your blog before you remedy the situation.

26. Publish again.

See what I mean? A LOT of work!

So, all this to say that I have been too busy (or lazy as the case may be) to post lately. We are all doing well though. Happy and excited for the future. I promise I will have that Ruffled Garden Apron tutorial up soon that I spoke of the last time I wrote. I just have to find those pictures, edit get the point. I also hope to get you all an update on our adoption process soon. A lot going on and so much to catch you up on.

Meanwhile, I promised a little someone I would play Lego Pirates of the Caribbean for her today. I just have to say, I rock at Lego games and she thoroughly enjoys watching me play. It's like watching a movie for her. A movie that I control and totally rock at. Okay. So that might be construed by some as bragging. I hope not. I was merely stating the facts as I see them. Oh well. Can't please everyone. I CAN please her (and save the poor kitty who is suffering patiently through many afflictions) by ending this post and heading downstairs.

Have a wonderful day everyone! Enjoy each and every moment, even if you can't blog about it!