Friday, August 17, 2012

About Blogging

Hello Dear Readers. Thank you for reading my humble blog. If you are still here, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

A few months ago (well...more like many months ago) I felt this nagging in my heart. A nagging that I couldn't shake. Somehow I felt that through my blogging I was, in all actuality, bragging. GASP!

Oh My! NO!

Bragging you say?

Why yes. That is what it felt like to me. Showing off. Presenting what I made to the world so I could hear (read) praise for how wonderful and creative I was.

I also found myself living my life for my blog. Can you believe that? But its true. I would plan events or games or even witty conversations that I thought would be blog worthy. (Most of which actually never made it onto the blog...ironically enough.) I got tired of living like that. I wanted to get back to actually LIVING my life. For me. For my family.

So, I haven't blogged much since. I have taken a step back to ponder reasons why I might continue to blog or even if I should. There have been moments when I half decided to shut this blog down entirely. Then there were moments when I realized that writing/blogging is something I love and how could I do that? How can I just up and quit?

So, now the question remains rattling around my head. Why blog?

What is my purpose in blogging? What message do I want to convey to my readers?

Quite honestly, I have not come up with an answer yet. I just don't know where I want to go with this blog. It appears that I am at a crossroads and I am unsure which direction to take. I have thought about a couple of options. I have read around a few blogs and looked into what makes a good blog. A blog worthy of my daily (or weekly) reading. (I don't actually read very many blogs regularly for lack of time. I am doing my best to limit my screen time and spend more time actually living life with my family.) There seems to be one thing that draws me to a blog. A theme. A purpose. Something I can gain by my reading. Something in it for me.

So how does that translate into my own blog. How can I leave my readers feeling as though their lives have been enriched by reading what I write?

1. I could combine my homeschool blog with this blog (which I used to do, but then thought it easier to separate them...which is NOT easier, I learned) and just use this blog to write about my was my original intention when I began. Just to have a space to write about me.

Can I do that without bragging or showing off? Hmmmm. Would it enrich others lives and draw them into a closer relationship to the Lord Jesus?

2. I could focus solely on crafting and "how-to's" and tutorials.

Can I come up with enough of my own original ideas to warrant a blog devoted to that?

3. Photography. My newest passion. I want to learn all I can about photography. I could devote my blog to photographing my life and hobbies.

4. Food. I love food. I could devote my blog to cooking and eating good food, rating recipes I find on the internet, photographing food.

5. I could offer some conglomeration of all the aforementioned topics...which is not really different than I have done in the past.

I will continue to think and pray about these options and what direction I should take. For now, my main concern is to not turn my blog into my own bragging forum. The bragging must desist.


Anonymous said...

You never came across like a bragger. :) It was a pleasure to see your projects and fun things, though I can identify with your post having similar feelings too. I do feel like I am somehow letting down the regular readers if I don't post but I do have a life to live too. Hard decision, but I definitely never felt like you were bragging.

Sherri said...

Dear Anna, Ive read your blog for several years now and I have never once thought you were bragging about anything. I have totally enjoyed reading about your life with your hubby and little girl. Ive also enjoyed all that you have shared. I have a blog too and I dont always write on it. Its a "do I have anything to say" kinda deal. I think you should write on your blog about everything you mentioned think of your blog as a "diary" of your life that you can enjoy looking back on. Thats what I do.
I hope this helps you out a little Ill be praying for you.

Sherri said...

Ana, I forgot to tell you that you inspire me with all that you do and what you have shared.
Jesus wants you to know that!

Anonymous said...

Please do not stop your blog Anna--this is the only oine I read--and i love catching up with everything that you, James and Chloe have been doing. Marian

Lindsay said...

Anna, others of us who blog struggle with these same questions. I know I personally have debated giving up blogging at times because I don't want to live for the blog or put too much time into it that should be spent on other things. Thank you for being transparent about your own struggles.